Diesel Treat 2000

Diesel Treat 2000Diesel Treat 2000® is a multi-functional, ashless, all season fuel additive that is specially formulated for use with all types of diesel fuel. It contains a highly concentrated multi-functional additive package including SynShield™, a proprietary lubricant that surpasses industry standards for fuel lubricity and emissions.





Boosts Fuel Economy

Diesel Treat 2000 Premium Diesel with SynShield burns more completely. This means better fuel economy, up to 5% in both over the road and dynamometer tests.



Raises Cetane

Increasing cetane allows for easier cold weather starts, faster warm-ups and improved combustion. The results are reduced emissions, more power and increased fuel economy.


Reduces Emissions

Diesel Treat 2000 Premium Diesel reduced emissions by up to 47% in a recent EPA test. Smoky exhaust is one sign of lost fuel economy and a smoke citation can cost you over $1,000 in fines under the Clean Air Act Regulations.


Fights Fuel Deposits

If diesel fuel does not contain an effective detergent (and most don’t contain any), varnish and carbon deposits can clog injectors, robbing you of as much as 25% of your power and performance.

     Poor spray pattern with clogged injector.          Uniform spray pattern with clean injector.

Diesel Treat 2000 Premium Diesel (#137) is our nationally branded product. Jobbers can blend the additive themselves for bulk sales or provide the product in easy to use quart bottles that can be sold by the case for retail. Diesel Treat 2000® Premium customized brochures, pump toppers, stickers, end aisle displays, banners, and counter cards are also available.

Increased Lubricity Protection with SynShield™

Today’s diesel powered vehicles feature low emission engines that are more susceptible than ever to diesel fuel related wear. Diesel engine designs are employing the use of higher fuel injection pressures, hotter fuel return temperatures, higher operating temperatures and complex engine geometry to control emissions. All of these factors result in increased fuel system wear and can shorten engine life.

With the mandate by the United States EPA to reduce the sulfur content of diesel fuels to control emissions, this has resulted the elimination of certain naturally occurring polar compounds that aid in protection of the fuel system from wear by forming a protective layer on the metal surfaces fuel injection system. The increased use of the hydro-treating and hydro-cracking refining processes to reduce the sulfur content of the diesel fuel in order to meet the mandated sulfur content of 0.5% and the 2006 ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel specification of 0.05% causes these naturally occurring polar compounds to become either chemically altered or completely removed, thus resulting in increased engine and fuel system wear.

To protect today’s diesel engines from fuel system related wear Schaeffer Oil has further blended into the Diesel Treat 2000 is a proprietary lubricity additive called Synshield™. Synshield™ is one of the few lubricity additives that not only surpasses industry standards for diesel fuel lubricity but also exceeds the EPA’s new standard by being the only lubricity additive that does not contain sulfur or sulfur containing compounds. Synshield™ prevents fuel system wear and injector scoring by forming a protective layer on the metal surfaces of the fuel system and injectors that provide boundary lubrication between metallic parts in critical fuel system components. This protective boundary lubrication film not only reduces friction and wear between the fuel system surfaces that are in relative motion but also increases fuel system component life, thus leading to less downtime and increased longer equipment life.


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Ultra Low

On October 15, 2006 all diesel created for on-road use will be required to meet a new sulfur standard.
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Learn the risks of Ultra Low Sulfur Fuel with this free DVD

SynShield™ Technology

Schaeffer's own SynShield™ is specially formulated for the new Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuels.